Let's get into it

You will need our Fabra Cadabra interior cleaning spray, as it's a great and safe cleaner for fabric and vinyl surfaces. Also required is a Square Bear and Plush Daddy. These cloths come with special types of microfibre weave to aid the cleaning processes.

Park the car in a shaded, well ventilated area, where you can open up all the doors to provide easy access. Have a good look up and ascertain what type of hoodlining you have, whether it be a vinyl or fabric material. Both have slightly different ways needed to clean them efficiently.  

Always test the Fabra Cadabra in a small and inconspicuous place first, like under a sun visor. It's a pretty rare chance that there may be compatibility issues (have been none so far), but just in case your hoodlining has been cheaply painted or dyed (we have one famous XY GTHO Falcon in our collection with this) in its previous ownership, it's always best to test first!