Instructions for use - Alcantara/Microsuede



Step 1:

Vacuum the surface thoroughly and remove any stains from the fabric prior to application of Fabratection using our Alcantara/Microsuede safe cleaner; Fabra Cadabra as per our article here -



Step 2:

  • Make sure the surface is totally dry and work in a well ventilated area.
  • Using a Plush Brush or similar soft bristled detailing brush, brush all of the fabric fibres in one direction and mist a light coat of Fabratection on.


NOTE: Do not use a hair dryer to dry Alcantara/Microsuede, as the heat can affect the fibres.


Step 3:

  • Wipe off any overspray with a damp cloth before it can dry.


Step 4:

  • Allow this coat to cure for 20 minutes, then brush all of the fibres in the opposite direction and mist another light coat of Fabratection on, again, wiping away any excess overspray.