Instructions for use - Fabric Seats



Step 1:

Make sure the surface is totally dry and give the seats a good vacuum to remove any and all debris from the seat. The fabric needs to be as clean as possible before you apply Fabratection.


Step 2:

If the seat has stains on it already, use our Fabra Cadabra fabric cleaner as per its directions to remove those stains first. Any heavier staining or marks may need the addition of Orange Agent and a shampoo extraction machine. See our guides here -











Step 3:


Wearing gloves for this job isn't a bad idea as the product can get sticky on your hands.

  • Working in the shade, in a well ventilated area in temperatures between 10c and 35c is ideal, give the bottle a good shake. 
  • Spray Fabratection into a Square Bear applicator until it's quite damp, then rub it into the seats one section at a time (a seat bolster would be one section), from all angles, working it into corners, joins and seams of the seat to ensure the best coverage. Spray more Fabratection into the Square Bear, then do the next section, and so on until all the seats are done.
  • Allow this coat to cure for 20 minutes, then apply a second coat in the exact same manner.

Any overspray of Fabratection, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth before it can dry.