Other tips

Fabratection is an environmentally safe and water based product, but because of this it won’t last as long or bond as strong as the older unsafe fabric protectants will. We find at around 6 months you should look at reapplying it on high wear areas (drivers seat, convertible tops etc), lower wear areas however, is a yearly job.

When you've finished using Fabratection, turn the bottle upside down and pump the trigger until all of the left over liquid has been released (probably best to do this in a sink or similar)

Because it is water based, the cure times are 100% needed. Do not get it wet for at least 24 hours, and in most cases we recommend 48+ hours for best results, especially on deeper pile carpets and mats.

It has a shelf life of just over one year after first use. This is when it will start to lose a slight amount of effectiveness. It still can be used after this, but won’t be as good as it was when new. It needs to be stored in a cool spot out of direct sunlight; 4 to 40 degrees C is its happy place.

Any applicators you use during application should be soaked in Microfibre Wash immediately after use, then washed. The Plush Brush is much more forgiving and you can just give it a good rinse with some fresh water.