What is it?

Fabratection is a water based, super hydrophobic fabric protectant. It's a new generation of fabric Nano coating that is engineered for durability and hydrophobicity that is used to protect interior carpets & mats, seatbelts, Microsuede, Alcantara, cloth seats and convertible tops. The safe fluro polymer also helps repel water, sweat and light oils. Fabratection creates a durable water and UV protective layer for up to a year. It will resist accidental liquid spills and makes protected surfaces much easier to clean. One of the best bits about this product though, is that it won't change the look or the feel of fabrics, and importantly it still allows the fabric to breathe. Most importantly, it's an environmentally safe product that works!

We have broken up the usage into 3 main categories: fabric seats, Alcantara/Microsuede and carpets & mats. Each one requires sublte differences in application method, so we've outlined them in detail below.