Stage 1: Leather cleaning

If the marks are very recent, (within one day) and have not yet dried white, you can use our Leather Love to remove the marks. It's a gentle cleaner that's handy to keep in the car for cleaning these types of incidents, before the sunscreen dries and becomes embedded into the leathers top coat. 

Simply spray the Leather Love into a clean microfibre applicator pad like our Square Bear. Gently rub over the marks and they should disappear. While the solution is still wet, use a dry and clean low pile microfibre cloth, like our Plush Daddy, or Dirty Deeds cloth and wipe the Leather Love off. The reason why you do it wet, is so you get the sunscreen away from the surface before it can dry and bond back to the surface. You might need to do this process a couple of times on more stubborn marks. 

If the sunscreen has been on the surface for more than a day or the marks are stubbornly still there, you'll need to step up the cleaning process a notch to our Stage 2...