Stage 3: The last resort

So if the above couple of cleaning methods have not worked to your satisfaction, we have this final, last resort method, that you should only use if the above two methods have failed. 

A Magic Eraser is a sponge made from a German made resin foam called melamine - it can be purchased for less than $5 from the big grocery chains. It had been used for years as a thermal insulator and sound proofing material till one bright spark found out how well it works as a cleaner. The bars' unique foam construction is what makes it work so well on many surfaces around the car, including leather! 

Through our intensive testing on many different types of these sponges, we have found that not all melamine bars are the same. The one we have now is not too aggressive, which is ideal for delicate cleaning of the modern top coated leather in your car.

Be aware that with this bar is a mechanical cleaner, meaning it will be removing a very small amount off the top of the leather, the bit that is embeded with the suncreen. It's important to always test the bar on an inconspicuous area first, to make sure it's suitable and compatible with that surface. 

You need to have a very gentle approach if you need to remove deeply embedded sunscreen from your leather. The Magic Eraser should only be used if all other cleaning methods have been exhausted (repeating this again, so take note!). Only use it as a spot cleaner on the marks you want to remove, and don't rub it into the leather surface aggressively, a gentle motion will still work and lessen the risk of rubbing through its polyurethane top coat. Use the Leather Love as its lubricant, spraying a little bit both on the marked surface and the bar itself. Then gently rub the bar back and forth on the sunscreen marks 5 to 6 times. Inspect after wiping clean with a microfibre cloth. Repeat this safe and slow approach till the marks are gone.  

Then use Leather Love on the entire leather surface as per its directions to finish the job off right.