What is it?

This Magic Rub Bar is a sponge made from a German made resin foam called Melamine. It's been used for years as a thermal insulator and sound proofing material till one bright spark found out how well it works as a cleaner. The bars' unique foam construction is what makes it such a great cleaner; feel it and you will first see it's a very rigid foam for its density. On a microscopic level you can begin to understand why it works so well. It looks a bit like foam from when you fill your car wash bucket, but is actually a finely structured, three-dimensional network consisting of extremely strong, slender and flexible plastic filaments.

While the bar is being rubbed over the surface, the large accessible surface area produced by this airy micro-structure hold onto the particles of dirt and grime, pulling them off the surface and into the bar, which is why it's such an amazing cleaning product.

Through a few weeks of intensive testing on many different types of these sponges, we found not all melamine bars are the same. The one we have here is the best combination of not being too aggressive, while also working exceptionally at cleaning the areas we needed it to work for us.