Extra tips


Very dirty glass:

For very dirty glass, we find spraying the product nice and evenly over the glass surface, then letting it sit for a few seconds before buffing it all off with the Inta-Mitt cloth, gives the best result. In some cases it might be best to use a separate cloth for the initial wipe down, before finishing off with the Inta-Mitt for that perfect finish.

With using this method in your interior, clean off the inveitable overspray on your dash with our Vinyl Care; this will clean, enhance and protect the dash at the same time.

And that’s it, you can now go for a drive with no fear of the early morning or late afternoon sun as your glass is perfectly CLEAN, CLEAR & NAKED.


Cleaning chrome:

For some extra uses, try Naked Glass on hard chrome plated parts (not plastic chrome) and any mirrors. Spray it directly onto the surface (as long as you're not going to get messy over-spray everywhere!) and remove it with a Big Softie, keeping your Inta-Mitt for glass only. You will be pretty happy how well it cleans them up with very little work.