Getting epic results

We have literally cleaned thousands of windows, and to get truly epic results you need to use Naked Glass with a quality, plush microfibre cloth. Our new Inta-Mitt cloth, with its dual-sided composition is perfect for using with glass cleaners. The twist pile side for application; and the low drag textured pile side, for a final streak-free wipe down. The Big Softie is still great for cleaning glass, so keep using it if you get good results. We've always wanted something better, and the Inta-Mitt is all about making the job of glass cleaning easier.

All glass cleaners are sensitive to dirty cloths, so don’t use a cloth that was previously used for waxing or polishing, as there’s a very big chance of product leeching out and smearing the glass. Always keep the Inta-Mitt cloth purely dedicated for your glass.

Make sure you're cleaning out of the sun and not in an overly hot cabin. The hotter it is, the more the chance the product will evaporate (called flashing) and will not be able to clean the glass. Then on the other side, using it on a very wet and cold day gives it less of a chance of evaporating, thus a higher potential for leaving streaks. A simple formula we have used is that if it's hot, use more product and if it's cold and wet, use a little less.