New Formula

Our chemists have made some great breakthroughs with new polymer technology, which are now incorporated into our latest ‘Naked Glass’ cleaner. It’s always been one of our most popular products, and with this new formula, it's really been taken to the next level. It gives a guaranteed streak-free finish, faster than ever. The new chemistry also keeps your glass cleaner for longer. It helps minimize fogging, is tint safe, environmentally friendly and quite importantly, very simple to use.

Key points are:

  • Non streaking formulation. Something that was essential to us after frustratingly using so many of the other “car friendly” cleaners that left half the product on the windscreen, making a nightmare job removing it all.
  • Stops dust particles attaching to the glass surface and helps resist hazing. Just a cool little additive we put in the mix, because we wanted it to stay cleaner for longer.
  • Effective cleaning agents remove haze, grime and minimise fogging. Enough cannot be said about this aspect of the Naked Glass. As we did our testing and found on dirty screens that most of the glass cleaners took a lot of extra work to get a great finish - not ours! Also, with the windscreen being clean, we have found that it's less susceptible to fogging up; something essential in the older cars that don’t have effective air con or heating in them to help demist the windscreen.
  • Fast drying and easy to polish off. Again, this is all about having an easy product to use, giving great results every time. For this reason it's also very good for cleaning mirrors and chrome as it leaves no residue, just a beautiful, shiny finish.
  • No harmful ammonia. We didn't want this ingredient in the formula, due to its links to salivary gland cancer. Think about that next time your're spraying a household glass cleaner around the interior of your car, or any other closed off, confined area, whilst breathing in those toxic fumes. By having no ammonia, Naked Glass is safe and compatible with all aftermarket and OEM tinted windows. Ammonia is also no good for plastics, rubber or fabric. The over-spray gets on them and works to break them down. It was essential that we removed this ingredient from our formula.