Leather protection

The Leather Guard gets applied exactly the same way. With these products being water based, just wash the applicator pad you've been using with the Leather Love out in a bucket of water, then gently wring it out. If it's really dirty, add 5 mls of our Microfibre Wash to the bucket and hand wash. After this, the pad is ready to be used again with the Leather Guard

Use the Leather Guard exactly the same as the Leather Love above. It's very important to pay extra attention to the high wear areas of the seats; side bolsters and support areas, to help stop the gradual wearing away and degrading the PU coating each time you get in and out of the car.

Leave it sit for 5 minutes and then wipe away any remaining residue with the low pile side of the Plush Daddy microfibre cloth.

That's it, all done! Look, feel and smell that leather. Be happy that this quick process is all that is needed to help keep it like new for a long time to come. 



Do I really need Leather Guard? 

The Leather Love cleaning and conditioning formulation doesn't do much for stopping the daily wear and tear, let alone those 'just seem to happen' stains you can get in day to day life, especially if you have kids or pets. You need a special protectant to help guard from these, which is why we made the Leather Guard. First off, it significantly helps reduce the wear on your seats bolsters, stitching and seams as you hop in and out from your car, which suffer the inevitable rubbing as you move across them. The Leather Guard puts down a microscopic barrier to help prevent this damage from occurring. 

It also helps prevent stains from leeching/transferring into the leather as well. Things like sweat and even blue jean stains. Our family E Class Merc has a light cream interior, that looked great on the brochure, but in real life they are a bit harder to look after than darker leather interiors. We had been using the Leather Love and Leather Guard on them for close to 7 years now and they still look like new. Twice now, wet jeans have made their way into the car, one time left to sit for over a week, but the Leather Love has been able to remove any stains nice and easy, thanks to the Leather Guards protective layer, allowing an easy wipe off of the stain, with no damage to the leather at all. 

So it's really worth using it often, for that little bit extra protection if something unfortunate ever occurs.