What do they do?

They have a big range of carefully thought out benefits, which is why they took so long to develop and perfect. In summary here is what we built into them:

  • Safe, but very effective cleaning properties that cannot damage the leathers PU top coat. As you can see in the half-half image below, Leather Love cleans all dirt, dust, salt, light stains and body oils off from these old and badly neglected seats with no fuss.
  • pH neutral, again to save the top coat and help maintain leathers neutral pH value, so it stays like new, longer. A bonus is it won't irritate or harm sensitive skin.
  • Non toxic. It's touching your skin, quite a lot, when applying and later sitting in the seats, so this was a big one for us.
  • Biodegradable. We don't like things that can damage the environment, especially our great countries land or ocean.
  • Non greasy or slippery so it doesn't attract dust. It can be used on steering wheels and won't let you slide in the seats.
  • Neutralises harmful bacteria and microbes. These create mildew and mould which distress the top coat and hide fibres and damage the leather if not treated.
  • UV protectants to help slow up UV-B rays hurting the top coat and further minimising colour loss.
  • Restores the new natural sheen. We buy leather for the beautiful, natural look it gives. Any shine just makes it look cheap and artificial. A nice, clean, natural sheen is what we needed.
  • That lovely, new leather smell. And not over-powering in a way that you or your passengers feel like you're in a leather tannery.
  • There are no solvents, alcohol, oils or silicones, for reasons all stated quite strongly above.
  • Does not build up on the surface with extra applications; it's a diminishing, sacrificial product. This way any new coats work directly to protect and care for the surface of the leather.
  • No white residue left in perforated seats, words cannot express how much we hated this, so we simply engineered it out.
  • Non hazing. We disliked the haze interior products give on the inside of windows, so asked for something that would give minimal residue, so not to end up caking windows after every time we used it, should have seen their faces when we asked for that one? Or ours when they did it a full year later!
  • The Leather Guard is a pure protectant for abrasion resistance, for preventing wear and tear as you slide over the seat bolsters, seams and stitching, also helping stop any liquids from affecting or staining the coated surface. But still allowing it to breathe and rehydrate, so it keeps feeing like new.
  • Re-hydration is the most important thing in both products formulas, so needed moisture can now get back in and nurture the hide, with other key ingredients so it keeps your leather feeling soft and supple, keeping it like new.