Introducing Pong-Go

Pong-Go utilises odour removal technology that we had made by our chemists to totally eliminate bad smells in our own cars and trucks. Basically, it finds bad smelling odour molecules to permanently encapsulate and remove them, rather than just covering or masking up the smell. It's not toxic, smells great, is safe for all interior surfaces, and works a hell of a lot better than any masking air fragrance could ever hope to!

Pong-Go was created after we found a huge "rodent orgy" in one of our car transporters. The vile smell they left was something we had fears of not being able to remove easily, let alone permanently. We used Pong-Go after the area was vacuumed and cleaned, and it worked a treat! After two years, the smell had still not returned.

Since then we have had great success in removing many unwanted smells permanently. About the only thing we have found it cannot remove is sulphur or rotten egg smells, but with everything else we have encountered it works great. Have a read below on many of the things we have used it for.