Kids, pet mishaps, car sickness, old food, sweat, and other localised bad smells

The biggest thing to remember with any localised smell removal, is to first identify the area the smell is coming from, and do your very best to remove the source of the smell. This can be from car sickness, soft drinks, beer, dead rodents, pet & kid mishaps, cat pee, sour milk, old food, sweat and body odour. Many times we have heard of an item hidden under seats (by mistake or by friends), in seat pockets, glove boxes, baby seats and capsules, or in the boot of the car that is creating a horrid stench as it ages. So, do a very thorough search to find and remove it. If the item that creates the stink is still in the car, it will be nearly impossible to remove its smell till it's found.

Once located, if it's a relatively solid or hard item, use a spatula, big spoon or card for removal. If it's messy and soft, a wet cloth (like our Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth) is best, but make sure to pull the item from the surface into the cloth by placing the cloth over it and going from the outside of the item, toward the centre, then upwards, so you don't spread it any further over the surface.

It's important to clean the area before treating with Pong-Go.