Liquid spills

With liquid spills, especially flavoured milk or melted ice cream, it will depend how much and where it was spilled into the car. Being a liquid, it will be looking to flow to the lowest area, so I'm hoping for your sake it spilt in the foot-well! It's a simple job of cleaning the carpet with Fabra Cadabra as above, wiping it off with a clean cloth and then once dry, finishing with some sprays of the Pong-Go. But for larger spills, or if they have gone into seats or the boot of your car, you're going to have to look at pulling out the interior trim around that area, to get in and clean away all residue from the spill, with a clean, damp cloth and Fabra Cadabra. Especially if it's gone into any seats and the like. (We are making a new Fabric Protectant currently that will help stop many of these types of spills ever becoming and issue, as no liquid will be able to pass into the treated material and thus leave any bad stains or smells). Once it's all cleaned, spray the area with Pong-Go and leave the car to dry with the doors open in the sun for a few hours.