Mould & damp musky smells in the carpet

This is one of the biggest complaints we get from people, which is created from the growth of mould in hidden and usually damp areas of the cars' cockpit. For removing many of these bad odours, it will depend of where the smell is emanating from, how long it's been there and how it got there. For things like overnight water ingress from a window left open in the rain, wet surfing or swimming gear, spilled drinks, wet feet or pets in the car it's pretty simple; you just need to remove the wet item(s), clean the area with Fabra Cadabra and a microfibre applicator, wipe with a clean microfibre cloth, and then spray the areas with Pong-Go. Let the car sit in the shade with all four doors open till its 100% totally dry. 

Scrub the carpet area affected with Fabra Cadabra, using a microfibre applicator or medium bristled brush.

If the smell is from rotting food, or has been in the car mats, not the carpet, for a while, clean them or the area with Fabra Cadabra, and then use a steam cleaning machine (if you don't have your own steam cleaner, look at hiring or borrowing one) to remove in and around the area. Do this with any other affected fabric trim in the car and finish it off again by spraying Pong-Go, then let it sit in the shade with all four doors open till dry. You may need to do a second, even third treatment of Pong-Go if the smell remains. 

Wipe Fabra Cadabra as dry as you can after use, before applying Pong-Go.

But if you're facing a mould infestation that is well established, from things like; a drain hole cover in the floor missing, leaking sunroof, a perished door/window rubber or seal, soaked carpet from the air conditioning system’s interior water pipe being blocked or pulled out from the unit, you really need to focus on fixing these issues first. Otherwise you will go to all the effort of cleaning them out, and have the foul musky smells come back again, which can be very frustrating! So work out where the smell is coming from and make sure you know 100% how it was created first.

When it's a bigger mould issue, it can become a big job to fix properly. You may need to remove the cars interior to be able to clean and treat the mould properly. But before going too far and doing this, first locate where the mould smell is strongest in the carpet, and clean the area affected with Fabra Cadabra, sprayed enough to get it damp (not saturated), and brush gently for a minute with a medium bristled brush. Wipe it off with a microfibre cloth and then steam clean it. Finish up by spraying about 5 to 6 sprays of Pong-Go in and around the affected area. Park the car in the sun and leave all the car doors open to dry for 4 to 5 hours. If the smell returns, try Pong-Go once or twice more, as it might not have been able to get all the bad smelling molecules with the first treatment. If the smell remains unchanged, its time to pull the car's interior out.