Tobacco smoke and other overpowering smells

For smells that are right through the car, like tobacco smoke, or are hard to identify where they are coming from, you need to follow the procedure below. This also applies if you're going to use the ozone shock treatment we talk about later in the article.

Park in the shade and open all the doors and boot. Remove all rubbish and other items from the car, including boot and foot mats, spare tyre, tools, anything in the door pockets, back seat pockets, glove box, console, ash tray, coin holders, baby seats and capsules, behind the sun visor, compartments under or behind the seats and gear hidden under the carpet in the cars' boot. Inspect and smell everything you pull out to see if they could be the reason for the smell in the car. If they are, you need to either clean them well or have the item thrown out. Clean all items before putting them back in the car (especially the ash tray if it's a tobacco smoke issue). 

Now vacuum the entire car out, carpets, under the seats, in the boot, all fabric trim, using a nozzle to get in the seat cushions and other hard to reach areas.   

When vaccuming, you need to get everywhere, especially the seat cracks. 

Wipe down all surfaces in the car (including the boot, glove box, and other compartments) with the following products; All plastic, dash, vinyl, door trims, doors rubbers, roof pillars, with our Vinyl Care or Fabra Cadabra. (Vinyl Care leaves a better finish, but Fabra Cadabra is a stronger cleaner).

All leather surfaces given a good, deep clean with our Leather Love. All fabric trim, including the carpets, seat belts, hoodlining and sun-visors with the Fabra Cadabra

Don't forget to clean the seat belts - one of the worst areas for holding tobacco smoke.

With carpets and thicker pile fabric material, gently apply with a medium bristle brush, to help get the product right into the fibres. Also use Fabra Cadabra to spot clean any stains in fabric trim seats or carpet. 

You can also use Fabra Cadabra to clean many of the plastic and vinyl bits of your car. 

Use them one at a time and spray each product into their own separate microfibre applicators, applying enough so it's damp. Then wipe the areas down in a gentle side to side motion, wiping off with a dry microfibre cloth straight afterwards. Always check the applicator to make sure it doesn't get too dirty. If it does, hand wash it out with liquid detergent and water, then wring it out and continue cleaning.

It's super important to clean the glass, as smoke particles can linger on it, especially in the windscreen corners. 

Then finally, clean all interior glass with Naked Glass, by spraying it into a Big Softie cloth, wiping onto the glass in an overlapping circular motion, then buffing off the residue with a separate, dry Big Softie cloth.

After this is done, you hopefully should have the car smelling a little bit better, but to mop up the more lingering smells you will now need the great Pong-Go odour eliminator, to remove them for good. The parts the surface cleaners could not get into are where the Pong-Go helps best, where a lot of bad smells are held long term, like the carpet and fabric trim, don't forget to spray up and under the seats for this reason as well. 

Spray the Pong-Go liberally over all carpet and fabric in the car. 

Spray the Pong-Go directly into any fabric areas like seats and carpets that could still potentially hold onto any of the odours, at a distance of about 20cm away from the surface, especially where you think the foul smell is more concentrated (like a drivers seat and seatbelt if it's tobacco smoke). Do this till the areas are slightly damp, but not saturated. Then close the doors, boot, wind the windows up and leave it till it's dry so the Pong-Go can slowly penetrate and work its magic at removing the bad odours. If the smell is particularly intense, you may need a second application of the Pong-Go to mop it all up. 

Finally, it should go without saying that you don't let anyone smoke in your car any more!