For intensive cleaning of more chunky food, mud and other stains

This second technique is if you have bigger and more intensive deep cleaning to do. Things like kids sickness, pet mishaps, heavier staining and chunky "wet" food like the meat pie we have in the mat here. It's pretty well what you'll find most professional detailers doing on any cars that need their intensive love and attention. This is where using our products with the great little Bissell Spot Clean machine (which is a shampoo extractor vacuum that you can get from many auto and white goods sellers all over Australia and New Zealand), comes in very handy. There are numerous versions (and colours) of it, we chose the black and red "Auto" model as it was from an auto store and more suitable with its attachments for interior car cleaning. 

With this machine, the shampoo detergents that come with it are pretty useless, so we improve how it works by using our pH neutral Orange Agent in the machines' shampoo solution tank. Orange Agent is by far the most versatile product in our Aussie car care line up. Just for a refresher, Orange Agent is a pH neutral all purpose cleaner that’s safe for paint, metal, chrome, engine bays, vinyl and even your car’s leather interior. Orange Agent is also a great and cost effective additive to be used for deep cleaning carpets and fabrics in the shampoo vacuums. Unlike most other cleaners used in these machines and other APC's (All Purpose Cleaners), it's not alkaline. Its pH neutral formula becomes a great thing as it won't become active and bleach or whiten carpets (like a more alkaline cleaning agent will) if you happen to hop in the car with wet shoes, or if any rain or water gets into the car.