Important steps for application

One of the most important things to remember is don't ever spray the Fabra Cadabra directly onto the fabric surface, as this can over-saturate and negatively affect the material. Here are our three best ways to clean the fabric, depending on what it's affected by. 

For Removing Stains & Heavier Grime.

If it's liquid or other bad stains, first apply a couple of sprays of Fabra Cadabra into a microfibre applicator pad like our Square Bear. Gently place on the mark and blot it, then pull the stain out using an action like you would be picking it up in the pad. Inspect the pad after each application and turn the pad to a clean side as soon as you see any grime appearing in it, as you don't want to keep transferring it back into the fabric. Apply 2 sprays of Fabra Cadabra to the other side of the pad and continue. 

After both sides of the pad are used, hand rinse in fresh water, doing your best to gently rub the grime out of it. Wring out as much water as you can, apply 2 sprays of Fabra Cadabra and continue, this time wiping the pad over the stain in one direction to remove what's left of it. Then wipe with the low pile side of a folded Plush Daddy microfibre cloth, again moving it across in one direction to help dry the material.

For really heavy stains or baked in grime, you can use a brush like our Plush Brush, and gently agitate the areas. Be sure to still remove the Fabra Cadabra while it's wet, so that the dirt and grime you're lifting from the surface doesn't dry back into the fabric. Take care when using the brush - use it lightly and try to use it in one direction to avoid contamination of clean areas.

For Removing Lighter Grime.

If the mark is a lighter stain (like makeup) or more grime related (on an area affected by sweat, like a steering wheel), you can spray Fabra Cadabra into a round detailing brush, like our The Pouncer or the Little Pedro brushes from our Foursome brush set, and gently agitate it into the area. Then wipe it clean using the low pile side of a folded Plush Daddy microfibre cloth, move the cloth in one direction, folding and turning the cloth each time you wipe, so you don't transfer the grime back to the material.

For a Quick Freshen Up

If you feel your trim just needs a quick freshen up, or you wish to clean the rest of the material around the stain you've just removed, you can apply the Fabra Cadabra into a folded Plush Daddy cloths' low pile side and wipe it over the entire section of fabric you're cleaning. Again, wipe in one direction and turn the cloth often to a fresh side. Then wipe the whole area down with a seperate dry and fresh Plush Daddy cloth.