Nasty Mould Prevention

Eeek, 6 weeks of no sun, constant rain, humidity and low ventilation cause this! 

Mould is a kind of microscopic fungus. There are many types of moulds, and they are present throughout the environment, indoors and outdoors. Tiny mould particles are always present in the air, in the form of tiny microscopic cells known as mould spores. Mould spores can germinate and grow in a moist or damp environment, on almost any surface. They especially love to grow in low ventilation, low light areas. The interior of our garaged cars seem to fit that bill very well. 

In extreme cases of mould it can badly damage the surface it is on, not to mention create respiratory problems, so it is important to treat and clean down the mould affected areas before this can happen. 

Prevention starts in the home

Mould is easier to prevent than having to remove it. Here is a few quick steps to stop or slow down any growth, starting with getting your shed/garage prepared.