Step 3

Apply again if needed 

If the mould was quite built up or is not totally removed the first time, we recommend giving a couple of applications with fresh cloths, just to be sure the spores are all removed. Again, don't forget to clean the hood-lining with the Vinyl Care and the glass with Naked Glass too. Change any air filters in the car, especially for the air-con units. Mould can live in these for ages and keep spreading the spores every time you turn the air on! 

A lot of websites, even “car care” ones, suggest you use chlorine bleach to kill the mould. DON'T, under any circumstance use this on your car interior, it can and will damage a lot of the different surfaces, not to mention the overpowering fumes in the confines of your car. It should also be mentioned that bleach cannot kill mould either, it will look like it's removed it, but in fact it's still there as the mould has a built in defence system that makes bleach into something it can actually feed on!! Likewise, Ammonia is another toxic chemical, and something we do not recommend for interior car cleaning.  

If you have any questions, please email or FREECALL our office on 1800 351 308.