Interior clean and protection

Now it's time to turn your attention to the interior of the car.

Often times when you pick up a new car, the car dealer will have applied a silicon dressing to all the plastics to make them nice and shiny for you - but, we hate shiny! Interior plastics should retain a fresh "like new" matte finish to them, in our opinion. The best way to attain this finish is with our Vinyl Care.

Now, if your interior hasn't been attacked with the shiny stuff, application of our Vinyl Care will be enough. Spray 3-4 sprays of Vinyl Care into a Square Bear applicator pad, then apply an even layer to the interior plastics. While the product is still wet, pull off the excess with a Plush Daddy cloth. Continue this process throughout the whole car on all plastic and vinyl surfaces.

If your interior plastics do have that shiny look to them, it's a good idea to remove the previous products used on them so you can remove that shiny look, and Vinyl Care can stick to the plastics and vinyl effectively. We do this with our versatile all purpose cleaner: Orange Agent.

To apply, spray Orange Agent to lightly dampen one side of a Square Bear microfibre applicator pad. Work in small sections at a time, applying in a gentle circular motion to the affected surface.

Now this is the important bit; wipe off the Orange Agent with a folded, clean, low pile microfibre cloth like our Plush Daddy while it's still wet. You remove it wet, so the embedded silicon and other grime you've cleaned off are wiped into the cloth with the cleaning solution, because if you let it dry, it will bond back onto the surface you're trying to clean. Be sure to inspect the cloth after each use and fold to a fresh, clean side when you begin seeing any dirt and grime building up in it. 

If you notice the microfibre applicator getting slightly dirty, (especially when cleaning more grime affected surfaces) you can hand wash it out in fresh water, then wring it out till its dry/damp, apply Orange Agent and carry on cleaning. 

Continue doing this system of cleaning, till all surfaces are clean.

It's important at this stage, that if you've used this method with the Orange Agent, that you come back through and apply Vinyl Care in the aforementioned manner to all the surfaces that Orange Agent was used on. Orange Agent will leave the surface clean, but it will also leave it unprotected - this is why it's so important to use Vinyl Care as your last step.