Some tips to care and maintain the fabric roof.

After this is all done you can easily maintain the roof by washing it with any of our pH neutral washes like Auto Body GelNanolicious Wash and Wax Wash - even our Snow Job (read the next section on pressure washers). We recommend using a low pile microfibre wash tool like our Love Glove and don't be aggressive on the fabric. Use a gentle side-to-side motion to release any dirt and grime from the fabric surface. Don't ever wash in a circular motion or be aggressive on it, as it can and will affect the roof fibres over time. 

Pressure washers can be a contentious issue for fabric tops, mainly as many people use them incorrectly. You can use them, but NEVER hold them close to the fabric surface. A distance of 50cm to 1 metre from the end of the water jet to the roof is as close as you want to get. If you cannot trust yourself to do this, then do not use one on the roof, use a hose instead. 

Another thing to note is how Fabratection works with waterproofing. Like all water or even the older not so great for the enviroment solvent based fabric protectants, it has its limits and it can become oversaturated with enough liquid going on or being pushed into it. This does not mean it will stop preventing stains or UV damage, as you will note that once the roof is dry again, it will still repel water, and bead. Most importantly, even when wet, the Fabratection will still help stop any potential staining elements getting into the fibres. This is because the important protective elements still stay bonded to the fabric’s fibres. If something does land on the roof (dirt, mud, bird poo etc) simply remove it from the surface by wetting the roof, spraying Sublime Clean on the mark and using the Big Boy Brett round soft detailing brush to agitate/clean that area, before hosing it off.