Max Doughies

A good enough to eat air freshener.

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Last stocks of this much loved air refresher.


When you’re talking about doughies with car people, a delicious fragrance isn’t usually the first thing that pops to mind. So although we were tempted to create a burning rubber fragrance, instead we’ve jam-packed Max Doughies with a sweet and hole-some fun fragrance that’s one of our other favourite doughie-based fragrances… you probably guessed it already… Jam Doughnuts!

  • Refereshes stinky places in and out of your vehicle.
  • Proudly Australian made with lots of fruity love from our shed.
  • Limited stocks, only on our website and available till it sells out.  


Maximum doughey goodness

By: on 27 December 2022
When I first got a whiff of the jam doughnut scent in the 2021 Christmas bucket, I was hooked. This is simply the greatest air freshener ever made in human history. If you've never had the pleasure, I don't really know how else to tell you that, simply put, you're missing out on a sniff of heaven. I'm praying that one day they'll make this again as a standalone product because it is absolutely worthy of it. Speaking of heaven, there's a special place reserved for the legends that created this little gem. Get yourself some before it is all gone. Thank me later.

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