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After detailing our cars we would always be super cautious about ever hitting the windscreen washer stalk, for fear of the washer fluid potentially etching or affecting our freshly detailed car. So, we have been working for years on a formula that was safe, but also works well enough at cleaning normal road grime, bugs, seaspray and dust from the glass. After testing on all our road trips and daily driving we have now developed one that fits the bill just right. 

  • Vaporises away with no streaking or smearing, for perfectly clean windscreens.
  • No aggressive solvents, ammonia or salt, safe for all paint, rubbers, chrome and plastic trims.
  • Won't remove or affect quality waxes, sealants or paint protection coatings at the regular daily use ratios.
  • Regular daily use is a 20:1 ratio.
  • Cleans off heavier kamikaze bugs and road grime you get on bigger road trips with a 5:1 mix ratio.
  • Does not damage or create stress cracks in polycarbonate headlights.
  • Lubricates wipers so they work better and reduce wiper chatter.
  • Anti-corrosives to stop rust forming on wiper arms and around windscreens.
  • Won't leave water spot/etch marks, especially when used with distilled or filtered rain water.
  • Smells great, so you (or the car behind if you have poorly adjusted wiper jets) can faintly smell it through the car after each use.
  • All Australian developed and made!


Wipe Out - the windscreen wash additive for fanatics
Wipe Out - the windscreen wash additive for fanatics

Believe the hype

By: on 30 November 2018
I had been searching and searching for a washer fluid that can clean, but doesn't leave streak marks all over your pride and joy. I did give up and used nothing but distilled water for many a year until I gave this stuff a go. Does what it says, and does it bloody well. Haven't used anything like it before. At "everyday" concentrations it makes enough to fill my reservoir about five times over. No streaks all over my car, it smells great and cleans, cleans, cleans. Did I mention NO STREAKS? Unreal.

You’ve gotta buy wipe out it’s awesome

By: on 2 November 2018
Bowden’s own are developing better and better detailing products for your pride and joy’s that is so safe , a hell of a lot of thought, a lot of testing and testing not for a few weeks it gets tested for years before Mr Dan as well as the people who are the testers are 100% satisfied before we get it in or onto our pride and joy , wipe out is amazing product and it’s performance on the windscreen when it hits your windscreen that has got Bowden’s own body Detailing products on it for example Afterglow, Boss Gloss and Fully slick when you first squirt wipe out for the first time the cabin is filled with a glorious Bowden’s sent then comes the beading , streak free no smears only a beautiful Crystal clear windscreen, my dad has always taught me never use windscreen washer products in your windscreen bottle as they have a lot of nasty stuff in them , but for the first time in my 24 years driving history this is the first time I’ve ever used windscreen washer fluid, so go on do yourself and your car a favour buy Bowden’s own wipe out as you will be extremely delighted with the results , just follow the mixing ratios and bam , Mr Dan as well as you’re crew that form Bowden’s I salute you xxoo

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