Dan Bowden

Car Nutter and Founder

Dan is the elder of the two brothers and the resident perfectionist. Proudly pedantic, he loves spending hours testing and evaluating all the different car care products our chemists make for us. Dan prides himself on the presentation of the cars, a true perfectionist Virgo, he likes them to be immaculate. In a nutshell, Dan is our Quality Control man for everything that goes on here.

Dan is also our resident 'technophile', so any queries regarding the cars or any of the car care are forwarded to him. When he is not in the shed, Dan's usually seen cruising around in his much loved 1964 Falcon Sprint, surfing, mt biking, cleaning his Yeti bike, or at the track in one of the collections different cars.

Email Dandan@bowdensown.com.au    

Call him during business hours - 1800 351 308   

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