The paste wax project: Beaut Beads

29 November 2020  Dan Bowden  

In the past 20 years there have been numerous new projects that we have initiated. Some have moved forward with great success, others for a variety of reasons have been shelved and revisited at a later date. One project in the latter has been the single longest in our 20 year journey, from when we started ‘Bowden’s Own’ in our family's car shed in 1999. It was to make and create a beautiful paste wax for the more devoted car fanatic - basically people just like us! We actually first created one back in 2008, with our chemist “Beaker” in his small lab, blending one specific wax we all loved. It sadly became a dead project when we realised we would not have the space or equipment required to be able to manufacture it correctly. Quite simply it wasn’t something we could afford to do. This one solitary jar of wax was put away in our cabinet, only to be pulled out for a few special occasions with my own cars. We moved forward onto the numerous other product projects which took up the vast majority of our limited time. We revisited paste waxes a few times in recent years, even with one peculiar fellow who had made some interesting home blends and came to us looking for a possible collaboration, but this or even ‘white labelling’ is not something I wanted to do, especially with something as boutique as a quality paste wax. It had to be 100% our own.


Our first very attempt at a quality paste wax from back in 2008.


Wax is not dead 

For me, nothing can beat the hands-on experience you get from applying a paste wax to a car you truly love. The “romance” behind this was why I have personally longed to have one in our range. We began this journey once more by employing a bright and passionate young chemist full time, with her pure focus for the first 8 months being this paste wax. Hundreds of different formulas were created in the lab, tested and subtly smoothed out after our feedback, to get them better and better over a period of two years. She was to incorporate some of the latest ingredients and technology into one of the oldest and most traditional products. We have heard many say that wax is a dead medium in car care, which we don't quite agree with, as we worked away on eliminating many key issues that we felt were detrimental to the overall experience of using them, as well as excel in the attributes of what the higher quality paste waxes are still much loved for.


Be joyous to use

An easy on and very easy to buff off experience was paramount. As a hard to use paste wax can be a brutal experience, especially when you put it up against the easy to use spray sealants today. Difficult removal alone can be enough to totally turn anyone off wanting to use a wax ever again. This particular wax has a soft buttery composition that spreads a looooong way (only needs a super thin coating) and is the easiest to remove of all the high-end waxes we have used in the recent times, for us it's a pure joy.


Our black 1973 RS Porsche was an early recipient of the Beaut Beads wax, as was the Falcon Sprint here next to it. 

Amazing depth, shine and that carnauba wax glow

Nothing looks quite like a quality carnauba wax does on a car. We have creatively blended Beaut Beads using the much loved T1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax (it is 55% of overall wax volume) as well as other cosmetic grade waxes including local beeswax and the lesser known montan wax, to help get what we feel is a truly amazing finish. This combination leaves that glowing wax look on vibrant, bright colours, with a remarkable depth added to metallic paints that feels like you could almost swim in them! 

Glowing in the afternoon sun, this carnauba wax really "shone" on the vibrant coloured Sandman.

For any paint type, both old and new  

The all-round aspect of waxes are great, due to how they are more forgiving at sealing all types of paints, both old and new. It’s something synthetic sealants can struggle with, as they prefer a better condition or newer base to get the super smooth surface needed to create a lotus leaf beading effect. A paste wax on the other hand can cover and better create this perfect surface, thanks to its more robust composition.

About the only two surfaces we don’t recommend this for is matte finishes, as this wax promotes shiny, or a professionally ceramic coated surface. This is due to the solvents used in paste waxes being able to subtly affect/soften this hard layer when they are rubbed onto the coatings surface. Stick to water based super hydrophobic sealants (Bead Machine, Wet Dreams and Happy Ending) for maintaining these and you'll never have an issue.

Super Hydrophobic Beading and Sheeting - not "Ceramic"

Awesome beading from something that we are not marketing as a "ceramic"...

We did not give this wax the name Beaut Beads for no reason. The water beading (AKA Bead Porn) and repellency/activity from this wax blend is pretty damn awesome. In fact it’s one of the single, if not the most hydrophobic product in our range that also sheets water as well as it beads too!  Like our other super hydrophobic products, although this wax may share the attributes of what many might now see as something ceramic, we are not marketing this as a "ceramic" wax. We feel the "ceramic" name has been well hijacked by marketing teams from many huge international brands, as well as online brands you see on social media adverts and a few boutique brands also following suit. All use this name on a large range of products that do not fit the definition of "ceramic" from the scientists and chemists we have met over the last few years who are working in this fascinating and fast evolving field. Any true ceramic product uses a different, complex, more expensive type of chemistry that generally involves the chemical family of polysilizanes, which cannot be blended easily unless they have a heavy petroleum solvent base. These are the type of products touted and used by many professional detailers, which have a slightly more time intensive procedure to apply and are far from forgiving if the application process is even slightly incorrect. 

In honesty, there is enough confusion in car care and we don't wish to add to it with claims of something being "ceramic" when we don't feel it is true. "Works so well you won't believe it's not ceramic" is the best way we can tongue in cheek describe this and our other super hydrophobic products in the range.

Scared of ghosts and sweating? 

Many enthusiasts who have used a paste wax in humid areas know the frustration of "ghosting" - a light haze that returns after buffing the wax off, meaning having to buff the car down once more. Most waxes will do this, some numerous times over and over, it is enough of an issue that it has turned many professional detailers and devoted fanatics away from paste waxes. We worked hard on this, doing our very best to formulate it out. It took a LOT of time to work out why it was doing it and living in our sub-tropical humid environment paid off, with months of summer testing to find a near perfect solution to this complex issue. We had this wax blend tested independently in Darwin, far north Qld, even Indonesia and Japan - all areas renowned for their high humidity and gained the tick of approval from some very sceptical fanatics. As far as we are aware, it’s the only paste wax to date that has tried to tackle this complex issue. The other issue is a smaller one, but one we still disliked, where the wax "sweats" out its oils and solvents to the waxes surface when stored (a bit like some peanut butters do). Again we worked out why this was happening and formulated it out. 

Quite Protective  

Waxes are more organic in their nature, so tend to break down faster than synthetic products, so we included some of the latest technologically advanced ingredients to pass over our chemists desk to help extend the waxes protection, which includes a healthy dose of the latest UV absorbers too.

We test durability in a few different ways, including on our numerous test panels that sit out in the sun and elements each day, washed weekly, or with the more popular real-world tests on our own or the team here's daily driven cars. We also have a few pro detailers and enthusiasts nationwide use it and then give us their feedback on it too. Still, everyone has different ways they use and care for their cars, so it's really like asking how long is a piece of string when giving this information! We do our best to be truthful and from all this when it is washed/maintained with our pH neutral washes/ Snow Job foam we have found this wax lasts between 2 to 5 months by itself and 4 to 6+ months when Bead Machine is applied on top (more on this below). This time frame becomes a lot longer when maintained with Wet Dreams or Happy Ending every two months after a wash, as we would on a daily driver.  

I have personally been using/testing/developing this wax on two of my own classics (the Sandman van and Falcon Sprint) and some of the collections cars (Black 911RS, 300SL Gullwing) over the last two years and found this wax lasted over 1 year - and still going - on these well pampered beasts. This is without the use of Bead Machine on top, and it's something I am personally pretty impressed with.

Plays well with super hydrophobic sealants 

In our numerous in-depth tests, we found when you have products that use similar base ingredients, they will work better together. Our Bead Machine super hydrophobic sealant is the case here and it can be layered over this wax to further boost its durability. This was due to it being able to bond to the waxes surface, thanks to using a family of similar polymers that are unique to these two products. Likewise you can use both the Wet Dreams spray or the Happy Ending finishing foam for quick and easy maintenance/top-ups on your daily driver if you so desire. 

No harsh chemicals or abrasives

Our chemist didn’t see the need for either of these in the formula, so they are not in there. It uses the finest natural raw materials in its blend which are both safe for you and environmentally friendly. This also leads into the next paragraph…

What does it smell like? 

Interestingly this a pretty important one for many people, as when applying you don't want something that over-powers you, or becomes unbearable as you're half way through the wax job. From the blend of multiple organic waxes, oils and natural solvents to make this wax work, it actually smells pretty close to how it comes out of the heated vat, with just a subtle touch of fragrance. Reminds me personally of the trip to the drive in movies or a cinema as a kid.


Proudly Australian made, crafted by hand in our shed


Koshie and Pedro in the final stage of making this batch of wax, masks on as fragrances can get a little bit much after 5 days of filling. 

To me this is the big one, as we fitted out a small commercial shed just for this project. It has our lab, as well as a special pharmaceutical grade clean room there to make our paste waxes in. The process is a real art-form and any wax blend takes a full day to do. Starting with the hand measuring of the 14 ingredients, then gradually adding and blending them in a very specific order, at different times and temperatures to be able to mix just right. Every single stage of our procedure has been learnt through two years of trial and a lot of error. Once the blending is completed, a multi-stage warm hand pour is done into our jars, before being left to slowly set for a few hours in the vented, clean environment. Our team then finish them off by capping and hand labelling each and every jar individually. 


This is not something that could ever be produced in large volumes, but we love the more hands on, low volume, boutique quality blending process. It makes this wax a little bit more special than the mass-produced wax jars you’ll see it sharing the shelves with in an Auto parts store. 

How we use it

The Beaut Beads mini me jar will be enough to do 4 or 5 cars and it’s quite simple to use.


  1. First, wash and dry the car. Then pull it into the garage for some more intensive pampering. Note - If the paint feels rough we would recommend using our Three Way and Claying Rubber system after the wash, decontaminating it from iron and other contaminants bonded on top of the paint surface. Followed by the Paint Cleanse & Restore after drying, for a deeper clean of the undulating paint surface.
  2. Use our Flash Prep on the surface to clean away any oils, as we found this particular wax responds best to perfectly clean and bare paint. 
  3. Apply a THIN coat of the Beaut Beads to the paint with the supplied foam applicator. Work it in one direction and then another to ensure an even and consistent covering. You can apply in a tight circular method if you wish as well. Do the entire car in one go. Avoid any black plastic trims as it can leave a slight residue if it touches them, simply wipe this off with the microfibre buffing cloth while it’s fresh or clean off later with Orange Agent and a small brush, rinsing away with water. 
  4. Allow it to sit for 20 mins to bond to the paint surface. 
  5. Buff off with the super plush Drop Bear microfibre cloth, flipping and turning it often as you go. On larger cars it can pay to swap to a fresh cloth half way around the car.
  6. Allow it to cure for 4 to 5 hours or even overnight, and then apply Bead Machine on top if you so desire. 
  7. Marvel at the depth, glow and shine with your favourite cool, refreshing beverage.

Extra Tips - The wax applicators can be washed out by hand with our Microfibre Wash. Pour a small amount into the pad and massage it in well, before rinsing well with fresh water. Air dry before storing it in a sealable container. Store the Beaut Beads tub in a cooler location, out of the direct sun. If you are fanatical you can store it in the "butter" section of the beer fridge, or in a wine fridge, but its not 100% necessary, especially if it means one less bottle being kept in either area...


Starting off small

Any car racing fanatics will understand the "fetish" we have for the Gulf racing colours. 

We had intended to release this wax in Spring 2020, but hit a set back when our new custom 250ml jar was delayed over 6 months from the guys making it in Brisbane for us. All due to the specific plastic we needed to make the jars becoming impossible to obtain in Australia - thank you COVID. We have been patiently waiting for this final piece of the puzzle to arrive so we can begin making it here (which should be the start of 2021). In the meantime, we already had our mini me 50ml jars here and ready to go, so over the course of three weeks our team worked together in making this special one-off labelled edition (With the Ford GT40 - P1075 - Gulf racing livery label, as I am a car frother). As this wax spreads so well, this mini me jar will still be enough to do 4 to 5 cars, and could potentially last someone a couple of years, as long as it is stored in a cool environment. 


This mini me jar is only going to be available in the new All Aussie Bucket kit at autObarn stores. There are limited numbers of this bucket and once it’s sold out, it will be gone for good. You can read more about this kit by clicking here.

A great start and more to come! 

Thank you for reading this article. It feels good to finally be able to share this first and long overdue paste wax. A lot of people will get to use and critique it as it's part of the new All Aussie Bucket kit, which incorporates a pretty epic system of products from our sheds that all works with this wax. We feel it will give Australian car fanatics the chance to use an awesome system of the latest car care and revisit an old traditional friend with its modern twist! We know it will not be for everyone, but if you're a car fanatic and anything like we are here, we are sure you'll love and enjoy using this new wax as much as we do too.

Love your car,
Dan Bowden

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Beaut beads

By: on 15 June 2021
after claying my car and fresh prep put on Beaut beads next day used beads machine all i can say is bloody hell what a shine and feels like glass. hope you bring it out in a bigger container

Beaut beads

By: on 5 February 2021
This is the one I’ve been waiting for for 30 years a paste wax that’s easy to use. Dan’s been taunting me with this for far too long now and I finally have some. The finish is stunning exactly what I have been wanting. On my old dark blue BMW it’s made the paint look like it’s coated in glass. Just sensational

Beaut Beads

By: on 28 December 2020
this product is amazing just super easy to use and amazing finish on the paint one of the best waxes I have used today can't wait for it to get on the shelves

Beaut beads

By: on 4 December 2020
What a great article can't wait to try this Beaut Beads on my XR6 for the next XR6 XR8 club show & shine.

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