Fully Slick(er) New Formula

2 March 2022  Brett Hobbs  

The new updated Fully Slick, that's now slicker feeling, longer lasting and even easier to use.

We feel there’s something uniquely special about the feel of a slick and ridiculously smooth paint finish. It’s a sensual connection between you and your ride that adds an extra dimension to the experience of looking after your pride and joy. And you guys and gals obviously agree, as Fully Slick has become one of our most popular products, with a huge following of Fully Slick fanatics.


Fully Slick has always provided an exceptional finish and protection, but we’ve stepped it up another notch with the new formula. Inspired by the fanatical response to our original Fully Slick formula, we let our mad scientists loose with a mission to make Fully Slick even slicker(er) and easier(er) to use… and man did they deliver!

WARNING: So slick and smooth you may want to brace yourself to avoid slipping off the car when applying.



The fields of chemical and molecular technology are continually evolving and advancing, which enables us to incorporate these advances into even better formulas (because bringing you better products is what we love to do!). Here’s a quick run-down of how we’ve improved the formula:

  • An even slicker, glossier and butter-smooth finish that may result in some awkward car-caressing moments if used in public (it’s OK we understand).
  • Advanced polymers for some longer-lasting protection.
  • Enhanced UV protectants specially formulated for Aussie conditions.
  • Easier buffing for a beautifully smooth, streak-free finish - like your car has just been waxed.
  • Creates a static surface charge that gives strangers a slight electric shock when they touch your car… we wish!



One of our goals with the new Fully Slick formula was to make it even easier to use, and we’re proud to say that using the new formula is easier than falling off a log coated in Fully Slick, it’s as simple as ABC:

A – Apply 8-10 sprays to your Drop Bear cloth and wipe on. 

B – Buff off with a separate Drop Bear cloth. 

C – See the awesome results (shiny/shiny) and enjoy the protection.

The new Fully Slick formula gives such a great finish we know you’re going to love it as much as we do, but as slick and shiny as the finish is, please don’t be tempted to use it as a personal lubricant or hair product. Not only does Fully Slick give an easy "just waxed" finish, it also helps provide an added layer of protection - boosting UV protection for your paint, extending the life of waxes and preventing dust from bonding to the surface to make future cleaning even easier. 



There’s a few things to look out for to make it super-easy to identify the new bottle:

  • Large NEW FORMULA callout on the bottom left of the bottle.
  • The race number on the car is number 2 (naturally).
  • The bottle size is now “Big Arse 770 mL”.

The newer technology in the formula is a little more expensive, so you’ll notice the price has gone up a few dollars to $25.99, but we think the improved finish, protection and ease of use are totally worth it.




Over the years we've found a few different ways to use Fully Slick as well as some tricks to get the best result, so if you're wanting to get the most from your Fully Slick finish, we've got you covered with our detailed usage guide and video here.


Most car care products are only about the look, but Fully Slick adds an extra dimension over and above a fantastic looking finish with a silky-smooth finish that you have to feel to believe. Keep an eye out for the NEW FORMULA callout and the race number 2 on the bottle at a Supercheap Auto, Autobarn or Repco store near you to feel the difference of the enhanced formula. 

Fully Slick

Fully Slick

For hardcore car fanatics, our famous super slick, shiny and protective detailing spray sealant.

$27.99 View Product

Fully Slick Pack

Fully Slick Pack

Create a protective, showroom shine in one quick step with this combo pack. Ideal for a quick spruce up before a show, or between washes and waxes. Fully Slick - Version 2 Slicker, more protective and ...

$63.99 View Product

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