Getting Fully Slick, with our spray on paint sealant

Some time ago we had a good car mate, who was very into the elite show car scene, ask me why we don't have a detailing spray that leaves a slick finish. He was preferring one of the bigger imported boys products over our Clean Detail spray (not a slick finish). This was a pretty good incentive for me to have a chat with the chemists to get our arse into gear and create an entirely new product.

Typical for us in the quest to make something truly great, we went and tested and rejected about 80 different formulas for over 2 years of very intensive testing. After much debate between ourselves, some professional detailers and hardcore car fanatics, we all decided on the formula we have today. Knowing the way it works and the stunning finish it leaves, we named it Fully Slick.


What is Fully Slick?

Fully Slick is a spray on, synthetic protective sealant that leaves your paint with a beautifully slick and glossy finish. It's actually the slickest and smooth feeling of anything in our range, which car enthusiasts will love. It has a range of other great attributes that we built into it, which is quite amazing for how easy it is to use:

  • Creates a protective, showroom shine in one quick step.
  • Leaves our smoothest feeling, fully slick finish, like your car has just been waxed.
  • New durable polymers create a nice level of protection, even after multiple washes.
  • Hydrophobic formula, to repel water and create bead porn.
  • Ideal for cleaning off light dust, road grime, sea spray and fingerprints.
  • High lubricity to encapsulate dirt particles and help prevent scratches.
  • Wipes off fast and easy, on wet or dry surfaces. 
  • Boosts and builds some quick extra protection between waxing.
  • Safe for all paint types as well as glass, chrome and exterior hard plastic trim.
  • Leaves no white chalky residue on plastic trims.
  • Big arse sized 770ml, makes it great value for money.
  • Can be used as the lubricant for our Fine Clay Bar and Clay Towels.
  • Aussie made, biodegradable and earth friendly. 

And a I know a lot of you will be very happy with its great fragrance, matched to be just like a Bowen Mango!

How it helps

After using it for a few years now, we have noticed many it's great effects and different ways to use it. 

Our cars have now become a lot easier to clean before an event, as the protective, slick coating doesn't allow the dust to bond to the painted surface. With each and every clean it becomes easier and easier. This is the same for the fantastic water beading effect it gives to our daily driven road cars. Its protection and effect will work its best after being used around 3 times. Give it an hour between coats if you want to do all three in one day! 

It also leaves a beautiful, glossy shine, which really makes them look like they have just been waxed. I have to point out here that the Fully Slick is more made to boost the protection of the wax, rather than be a total substitute for it. So you'll find yourself waxing a lot less often. We recommend to give the wax 3-4 hours to cure properly before applying a layer of Fully Slick on top.

We really like to use Fully Slick to boost the shine and protection right after we have finished washing and drying our cars. The shine is pretty remarkable and it cleans up any last few water spots you maybe have missed in drying. Used with two Drop Bear cloths it's a fast and easy job. 

For every day driven cars, it will boost the UV protection for your paint. Use it weekly on the top surfaces that see the most sun. 

How To Use

It's very easy to use, pretty much spray on and wipe off cleaning. 

There are two different techniques to use it, depending on if the car is dusty or if it is a bit cleaner - like after waxing or while at a car show. We'll run through both ways to use it below. 

Before first use and for it to work its absolute protective best, make sure the surface you are using it on is relatively clean and free from contaminants. If the paint feels rough in any way, give it a clay bar or a clay towel, to remove these contaminants and bring back the smooth finish. Then use the Paint Cleanse & Restore after. Just doing these two things will double the effectiveness and ease of use of Fully Slick. Find the guides to claying your car with the Fine Clay Bar or the new Claying Rubber as well as Paint Cleanse & Restore on the exterior guides section of this website.

Our Drop Bear microfibre cloths are perfect to use with Fully Slick. This super plush, large sized cloth makes the job faster, safer and easier than any other type of microfibre cloth we've used.

And finally, we like to also make sure the car is parked in the shade and the paint is cool to touch.

Playing it safe on lightly dusty cars

If your car has light dust on it, we've always used this method to help prevent the dust from micro-scratching our cars paint. We use this technique with both Fully Slick and Boss Gloss (Our detailing spray) for detailing all the classic cars inside our sheds before a tour or show and for when we are at outside car shows as well.  

  • Spray the Fully Slick directly onto the paint, do half a bonnet or roof, one door etc at a time. You want it well misted on there so the entire surface is covered and therefore well lubricated by the Fully Slick
  • Get a plush Drop Bear microfibre cloth and fold it in half
  • Apply to the car with this method; Pull the towel back towards you in a straight line, all the while rolling its surface up and away from the paint. This way you have a clean microfibre surface always touching the paint as it pulls the layer of dust away. This simple technique is one of the single biggest things you can do to help eliminate the chance of the dust micro-scratching the paint. Turn and fold to a clean side of the cloth for the next pass, this way you get 4 passes per cloth, before replacing it for a new one. 
  • Get a second dry Drop Bear cloth, again folded in half and then lightly buff the still lightly wet surface in a gentle side to side motion.
  • Then straight after, get a 3rd and final Drop Bear cloth, folded into half and gently buff the surface for a beautiful shiny and slick finish. It's critical that this final cloth is 100% dry to get a perfect finish. Swap it as needed if it starts feeling wet/  begins to leave any streaks.

It takes between 5 to 6 cloths to do a single car with this method, depending on its size and dirt level, which is why we literally have hundreds of Drop Bear cloths on hand in the shed! After use, we bring them all back like new by washing them with the Microfibre Wash, and then tumble drying, before folding and putting into a sealable storage tub, ready for the next time we do a big collection detailing day (which is at least once every few months).   

If your car is really dusty, like after a car show held in a dust bowl, blow the car down with compressed air or a blower first. Have a read of our guide at the bottom of this article that runs in greater detail (with a video) on removing the dust safely.

For after washing or waxing

If the car is clean, like right after a wash or a fresh wax coat and you're wanting a quick shine and added protection, this will be the best technique for you. For this method you can use either the Drop Bear cloth, or as shown in the images here, our well loved dual sided Big Softie cloth as well. If you're doing this after waxing, just wait 3 to 4 hours for the wax to harden and cure, then follow these steps. 

  • Fold the Big Softie or Drop Bear in half and then spray the Fully Slick a few times into the non plush face of the cloth.
  • Work on a small area at a time (like 1/4 of a bonnet, 1/2 a door etc). Gently apply to the paint surface in straight lines.
  • Then immediately after applying, grab a second Big Softie or Drop Bear cloth and buff off the residue away in a gentle circular motion.

Always remember that It's critical to have a dry microfibre cloth for product removal. As the Big Softie is not as absorbent as the Drop Bear, it can pay to have a third Big Softie cloth handy,in case the first one fills up with liquid and begins smearing.

White cars, you don't need to wax them.

If you have a solid or flat white painted car you can use Fully Slick by itself, and not need to wax it. It's a little something we found from our own white cars and over many years of testing. 

Naturally based carnauba wax, like what’s in our Carnauba Body Wax cream and Lazy Wax spray, is fantastic at giving depth to paint, especially on darker colours, metallics and pearl effect paints, almost making it look like you can swim in the paint. What a natural carnauba wax can’t do, is provide a tremendous amount of protection for your paint. It’s for this reason that we say you dont need to wax a white car.

If the white of your car has a pearl through it, or a fleck of some sort, then by all means use the waxes, before applying Fully Slick as it will create some depth in the paint. However, if your car has a flat white paint job, then you can skip the wax and proceed straight to the Fully Slick or even Bead Machine, as they offer superior protection to the naturally based waxes, being a synthetic polymer and also bring up a stunning clean shine. 

5 steps to eliminate smearing

We have made Fully Slick the best way possible to minimise any smearing, especially in our sheds where we use it the most. But we realise that it has its limititations and it can still happen from time to time, usually due to environmental (high heat, humidity or direct sun), your technique, or the cloths you are using it with, darker coloured cars and cars that are still warm can be an issue as well. So here are some tips to help stop it happening. 

  1. At the car show in the sun: DO NOT spray Fully Slick directly onto the surface. This is as it will vaporise almost instantly and leave its residue on the paint. The way around this is to spray a minimal amount of the product (2 to 3 sprays at most) into the Drop Bear cloth and then apply to a small section (like 1/4 of a bonnet) in straight lines. Then get a second clean and dry Drop Bear cloth and quickly buff off any residue right after applying.
  2. Darker coloured cars: Like above, DO NOT spray Fully Slick directly onto the surface. Spray a minimal amount of the product, (2 to 3 sprays at most when dry and only one spray when reapplying after the initial application) to the microfibre cloth and then apply to a small section (like 1/4 of a bonnet, roof or boot). Then get a second clean and dry Drop Bear cloth and quickly buff off any residue right after applying. As black cars tend to retain heat in their panels longer than most other colours, wait that little bit longer if they are still warm, especially on the bonnet. 
  3. It's CRITICAL that you're using a seperate and dry cloth for the removal: Fold it into sections, the Drop Bear we prefer folds perfectly in half. Use one side at a time, turn and fold till all 4 sides have been used. Swap your cloths over frequently. It always pays to have extra cloths with you when you go to car shows for this reason. It's why we sell the Drop Bears in packs of 10 and 20 bulk lots.
  4. If it's a wet, cold day or very high humidity: Use a little less product than you normally would on a dry, warm day. Also pay extra attention to the next two points...
  5. Only use with clean or new high quality microfibre cloths: Any other cloth other than a good quality microfibre just don't absorb well enough. Even cheaper microfibre cloths (the $2 bundles you see) dont work that well. And you need them to be new and clean, as any residue from other products will create smearing. This is why we made the Microfibre Wash, as it totally removes all the residue from cleaning chemicals.

Any questions?

Fully Slick is now one of the most used products in our sheds and we absolutely love it! 

It's also one of our most popular Aussie made products and you can find it at our many of our retailers nationwide. Find your closest from the link at the bottom of this webpage. 

If you ever have any questions about using Fully Slick, please email our team at or call our office on 1800 351 308.

Love your car,

Dan Bowden

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