Get festive with our 2022 holiday season gift buckets

9 December 2022  Dan Bowden  

Australian Christmases are a timeless part of our culture and heritage. Rather than wrapping up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate in front of a warm fire, we're out on the beach catching some waves, cooking some snags and getting sweat-stuck to our leather seats on long drives. As part of our annual tradition of special edition products around this festive season, we've decided that just one bucket isn't enough to truly represent the quality car time we get to spend with our 2 or 4-wheeled friends each Christmas.... So we've done three instead! 

Themed in one of our favourite liveries - the 1979 Bathurst-winning Peter Brock A9X. We've made three of these Mountain Edition buckets as a limited edition run. They all contain different combinations of some of our favourite detailing products, however all three feature two new special edition products for this year.


We love getting feedback from our frothing fans, and we were overwhelmed by last years response to our special edition Green Stuf wash, which was featured in our 2021 Autobarn All Aussie Bucket. So, by popular demand, we've brought it back again this year... with a twist! Red Stuff wash is a mega lubricating and slick pH neutral wash that’s great for old and new vehicles, with great cleaning power too. It also incorporates the latest anti-rust additives, is salt and silicone-free, and also pretty forgiving to use in the sun.


We're constantly tinkering, tweaking and testing new ingredients and formulas, and we've managed to find a way to make one of our favourite products even better - a bombed-up version of Wet Dreams! This one is a fun experiment with one of the more popular products that we have made to now bond and bead even stronger with an improved super hydrophobic surface. Super simple too, just spray on a wet surface and then hose it off. It still has bucketloads of gloss and slickness too. You'll see Green Dreams last for around 2-3 months in most cases.


Both of these special edition products can be found in the exclusive Mountain Edition buckets that can be found in your local autObarn (and Autopro), Repco, and Supercheap Auto stores. Each bucket contains a different combination of our fan favourite products, so you can choose the one that suits you best.



In the Autobarn All Aussie Bucket, you will find:

Red Stuff - Limited edition sudsy wash.
Green Dreams - Limited edition, spray on, rinse off sealant.
Lid/drinks trayAlso an epic frisbee!
Orange Agent A versatile and safe pH neutral all purpose cleaner.
Pong-Go - Safe and effective odour eliminator.
Hand Relief A gentle germ killing hand wash.
Far Cough - Eliminates germs and other micro nasties.


In the Repco Red Passion Bucket, you will find:

Red Stuff - Limited edition sudsy wash.
Green Dreams - Limited edition, spray on, rinse off sealant.
Lid/drinks trayAlso an epic frisbee!
Wheely CleanNew Lostank Berry formula.
Tyre SheenA long lasting sheen that doesn't fling.
Far Cough - Eliminates germs and other micro nasties.
Great Barrier ThingyGulf Blue edition colour.


In the Supercheap Auto Aussie Holiday Detailing Kit, you will find:

Red Stuff - Limited edition sudsy wash.
Green Dreams - Limited edition, spray on, rinse off sealant.
Lid/drinks trayAlso an epic frisbee!
Wheely Clean Mini MeRoad trip sized companion to keep your wheels clean.
Boss Gloss Mini Me - Speedy detailer for your next road trip.
Naked Glass Mini MePerfect size to keep in your car for clean glass.
Great Barrier ThingyStops grit getting into your wash tools.


Rounding off our christmas offerings this year is the Clean Fun Bucket, found exclusively in your local Auto One store.

Lid/drinks tray Also an epic frisbee!
Naked GlassFor perfectly clean and clear glass.
Wax Wash For a beautiful, just waxed glow that time poor and lazy enthusiasts will appreciate.
Lazy Wax - A naturally protective, high-gloss, quality carnauba spray wax.
Vinyl Care - Unique rejuvenating, silicone free dash and trim protectant, that's not greasy or slippery.


All four of our buckets and their contents are proudly Australian made, supporting numerous local industries and helping create Aussie jobs, which is something we are extremely passionate about.

If you would like more information on how to get the best out of your bucket kits, click below for our full guide.



There are VERY limited numbers of these different buckets, which always tend to sell out quickly each year. So head down now to your local autObarn (and Autopro), Repco and Auto One as it's in their stores now and Supercheap Auto when their bucket is released late next week

You can find the links to each of the bucket kits at our retailers below.

As they say, many good things will come to an end, and these great deals are a strictly limited run for Christmas, so make sure to grab yours while you can.

Love your car,

Dan Bowden