Giving micro-nasties the great Aussie send off - Far Cough.

1 April 2020  Dan Bowden  

Our new interior safe antibacterial spray, whose name is based around the strong message of social distancing, especially if you’ve got a cough.



With the rapidly evolving chaos that’s been enveloping our great nation and the world, 2020 is turning out to be a true bugger of a year.  

At Bowden’s Own we have dug in and diversified, to meet the new challenges we see ahead. Our in-house chemists began working on creating some new products three weeks ago, with the mission being to help people de-Rona their lives. We looked into a vast range of the latest technologies and from this have now formulated something that’s effective in eliminating germs, bacteria and many other micro nasties, while still being safe for people, as well as the variety of delicate surfaces in their cars. 

In this new age of isolating yourself as far away from people who could be carrying the Rona that can infect you just with a simple cough, we’ve given our new interior safe antibacterial spray a name based around the strong message of social distancing, especially if you’ve got a cough.



Our Far Cough spray is for giving all those micro-nasties living in your cars interior the great Aussie send off, so you and your family can be at peace in your car or home. 

As well as the surface protection, we have also managed to secure some amazing personal protection. Older traditional surgical masks are not really our thing, so we have made a more lightweight, trendy, low cut design we call the Gee Banger Mask. We find they give you better breathability, with a fantastic level of filtering and protection, thanks to the way they securely cup around your face and nose. Another handy thing we found is that many people identify and then will keep a decent social distance from you when you wear the Gee Banger Mask as well. 



Use these products as a system, wearing your Gee Banger Mask to protect you from any airborne nasties. W-ork on your cars surfaces by spraying Far Cough into a Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth, wipe over all the surfaces and trims well, leave to sit for ten minutes as it silently hunts down and eliminates the micro nasties. Then come back and wipe it down once more with a few more sprays of Far Cough into your cloth, followed by a quick wipe off right away with a clean and dry cloth. This will leave you with a clean, low sheen and anti-static finish. 

More on the great benefits of the Far Cough can be found here: 

  • Kills the 99.9% of the dangerous micro-nasties lurking in your interior with quat based technology, creating safe antibacterial protection that keeps working long after the application.
  • Effective and safe for your interior plastics, leather, vinyl, glass, piano black plastics, carbonfibre, even clear polycarbonate.
  • Use on frequently touched areas, like steering wheels, arm rests, door handles, shifters, touchscreens, buttons and more.
  • Cleans off light sticky residues, greasy finger marks, light dust and other gunk.
  • Leaves a nice, clean low sheen and non-greasy finish, to minimise dust build up.
  • Light Aussie eucalypt and mint fragrance so it doesn't overpower you in the car after use.
  • Does not use bleach, chlorine, peroxide or any other harsh chemicals.
  • Will inhibit further bacteria growth on any hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • Proudly Aussie made by our passionate local chemists to help keep your interior safe.



This release has come about as rapidly as the Rona has sadly hit the western world. It would not happen without the amazing teamwork of my crew in the shed; Rachel, Mark, Carla, Bretto, Timbo, Wayno, Pedro, Gareth, Amy, Jade, Zac, Jaimen, Indi, Tanya, Elle, Matt and some local ring-ins - Paul, Glen, Bill, Gabi, Wendy, Matt and Tom. These ring-ins are like an extended part of our team who work for the numerous local busineses we use to be able to manufacture our gear here in Australia. They have all dug super deep to make it happen - thank you. Even with this being the single quickest development project we have ever had, we have tested this extensively to make sure it's safe and works!

We are currenty labeling and bottling them to get out to our supporting stores ASAP, so you'll soon be able to get a big bottle of Far Cough and give Rona and many other bastard micro-nasties a great Aussie send off, helping you to live a little bit cleaner in this very dirty world.

We have worked with our ingredient suppliers and resellers to make Far Cough a very agreeable RRP for the big 770ml bottle, to help out our Aussie fans and supporters in this unprecedented time, with a great product for a damn good price. Please use part code BOFARC to order one in for yourself from our supporting resellers.

The Gee Banger face mask is $9.99, part code is BOGBANG and we are expecting it to sell out pretty fast! 

If you have any questions about this or any of our other products, please call our office during business hours on 1800 351 308 or email

Thank you once more for the amazing support of our car care company, please stay safe and healthy.

Dan Bowden

Far Cough

Far Cough

An interior safe detailing spray, to quickly clean, rejuvenate and protect as often as you need.

$16.99 View Product

The Gee Banger

The Gee Banger

A lightweight and low-cut face mask, that's super comfortable to wear.

$9.99 View Product

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