How to clean rubber mats in your car

20 January 2011 

With all the humid weather mould and mildew has been making it's home in a few of our cars, the 356 Carrera is just one of them. Here is a short piece on quickly cleaning the rubber mats from this unpleasant organic coating! 

Our Vinyl Care product is ideal for cleaning any rubber surface up quick and easy. First off, vacuum the floors from any dirt and rubbish.


Then spray the Vinyl Care into an old mitt or cloth, the reason we do not use our Square Bear will become obvious when you see the next few shots! Lather it in, cleaning the surface well. Don't forget to clean the pedals too, use a soft bristle brush like our Pouncer for them if nessesary. 


Then, get an old microfibre cloth and wipe it all off.


This is why you use old cloths for this job, both of these can be reused after a good wash in the washing machine. Never use them to clean anything else if they are dirty, as they can move the mould spores to anything else they touch.


If you have rubber floor mats in your car that are constantly getting extremely dirty, like in a truck or 4WD, Orange Agent is going to make your life a whole lot easier. Simply spray Orange Agent directly onto the mats, agitate with a brush for super heavy stains, then pressure wash off - DO NOT ALLOW THE PRODUCT THE DRY. Allow the mats to dry thoroughly, then apply Vinyl Revival to really set the mats off and give them a nice, fresh look.

The finished product, not bad hey? Best thing for the rubber mats is this product it's not slippery, nor does it leave a unnatural shiny finish. We love it. :)



You can find Vinyl Care in the best Autobarn stores and online at our webstore by clicking here.

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Love your car,

Dan Bowden