Bowden's Own Team Cap

Our classy new team cap

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Bowden's Own Team Cap - BLUE Bowden's Own Team Cap - BLUE
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Bowden's Own Team Cap - GREY Bowden's Own Team Cap - GREY
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The Aussie sun can be pretty unforgiving, so our crew have been chasing us for a while to create a high quality and super comfy cap to wear while detailing outside or doing the rounds at shows.

  • Have a good looking heathered finish (a toffy name for the cool color effect created by mixing different colored fibers) and an embroidered front logo, we think they're a pretty classy looking unit.
  • Made from polyester for a combination of breathability and durability, they are sourced from a local Australian company who has to get them from overseas, (we tried hard to find anyone to make us caps here, with no takers for our small quantities sadly) we have them all quality embroidered locally though.
  • These caps are built to last and we've been getting great feedback from our team on how comfy they are to wear. 
  • Two colours available - the Aussie blue or a light grey. 
  • They're also one size fits all (adjustable rear velcro closure), so you don't have to stress about getting the wrong size...although it does mean you'll have to keep an eye out for your mates "borrowing" your cap.


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