Using After Glow

After Glow is not your traditional type of drying aid and the system we use is a touch more technical than other products. But, it’s still very easy once you get into it. You can use it in the shade, or in the sun. We’ve done some great cold and adverse weather testing, thanks to all the detailing demo’s around Australia the last 6 months. It works in all conditions, but like any drying product, it prefers warmer days for the best evaporation.

  1. After washing the car, sheet the wash suds off the car by taking the nozzle off your hose and flooding the panels with water. Get a little 18v blower and quickly blow out the water from your mirrors, grill and anywhere else that can hold "hidden" water. 
  2. Get two of our Big Softie cloths. After a huge amount of testing we’ve found this cloth is ideal, especially since it was upgraded to a slightly more plush and absorbent 350 GSM. Using clean, fresh water, completely drench and then wring out one cloth, so it’s lightly damp.
  3. Fold the damp Big Softie into quarters with the low pile side of the cloth on the outside. Spray 3 to 4 sprays of After Glow into the cloth and then apply to the wet surface of the car. Work on a panel at a time, wipe in side to side motions, east west and then north south. 
  4. Leave it to sit and dry for at least one minute, then buff off the remaining residue with the 2nd dry Big Softie cloth, again folded to the low pile side. Fold and turn this cloth often.
  5. Now for the next application, wring the first wet cloth out, apply 2 more sprays into it and then continue doing the car as per above. Use the same technique of 2 sprays and then wringing it out once full, until it’s all done.
  6. It's important to inspect the leading damp cloth often for any dirt it may pick up that was missed in washing. If you see some, fold the cloth to a fresh, clean side and don't use that side again.
  7. Now it's time to step back from the car, preferably with your favourite cool beverage and admire your work. That warm satisfied feeling is a real After Glow.