Big Green Sucker

The Big Green Sucker is a super plush and absorbent 1200 GSM towel with flagged tip microfibre for a more delicate drying experience. This high quality, soft material ensures a far better drying experience than any waffle weave drying towel or traditional chamois could hope to give. It's well sized at 70cm x 40cm, making it big enough to dry a normal sized car without being too difficult to handle.

The extra "give" in this plush material means you won't be pushing that dirt and grime back into the paint, thus eliminating swirl marks or scratches from ever occurring, making it perfect for the more sensitive or delicate paintwork of older or unrestored classics. The Big Green Sucker also features microsuede edges and recessed stitching, further ensuring it will never scratch or mark your delicate paint or brightwork.

The bright green colour is to help you to see any dirt or grime you may pick up in the towel, so you can flip it to a clean side and not wipe it back into the paint, again minimising the chance of further swirls and fine micro scratches occurring.