Our mission

Drying towels are an important step that is often overlooked, but leaving water to dry directly onto paintwork is a surefire way to cause water spot etching from the minerals left behind as the water evaporates. These spots can be difficult to remove, often requiring a full paint correction by a professional detailer, or in some cases a new paint job!

For many years, we've been fanatical about safely washing and drying our cars, as we found most scratches and swirls in car paint are caused by these steps. With years of development invested, we have found this combination of drying towels to suit every person, and 2 or 4 wheeled friend out there.

All of our drying towels are super absorbent, high quality 70/30 polyamide blend microfibre, with recessed stitching and microsuede edges so they won't ever cause damage to your paint!