Twisted Little Suckers

Using a single sided version of the same super absorbent twist pile loop microfibre found in the Twisted Pro Sucker, the Twisted Little Suckers are perfect for car and bike enthusiasts who still want the ultimate drying experience. Perfect for all the fiddly areas around your car or bike, these will complete your drying system.

We've made them 800GSM and in 2 distinct colours; dark grey for dirtier areas like wheels and engine bays, then the bright dayglow orange colour for more delicate door jamb areas, bikes and everything else! Created in a convenient 30cm x 40cm size, they effortlessly reach intricate areas where larger towels can fall short.These will help to prevent swirls and scratches caused by using poor quality drying towels. They use super soft suede edges with recessed stitching that won't scratch even the most delicate paint.

We find these perfect for drying excess water when using a small held held blower after you've finished drying the main part of the car.