Twisted Pro Sucker

The Twisted Pro Sucker is one of the first twist loop pile microfibre towels we have developed. Many years went into perfecting this material to meet our extremely high standards. It uses a premium quality, dual sided, super thick 1600 GSM twist pile loop microfibre with amazing absorbency, at a larger 70cm x 50cm size to suit larger modern vehicles and hold an extreme amount of water.

The new twist pile loop is super effective at sucking water off of your car, which speeds up the entire drying process and minimises the chance of water spots forming on your paint, making it ideal for hotter climates or larger cars.

Unique to this size of cloth is the single piece construction - no stich line down the middle of the cloth (common in lower quality cloths in this space), which can cause scratches when drying. We have also incorporated safe micro soft suede edges and recessed stitching around the edge of the cloth so they will never contact the paint.

The cloth is a vibrant blue colour to allow easy identifying of any dirt you may have picked up, allowing you to flip to a clean side and prevent any potential scratching. It's extremely tough, and can be machine washed separately with our Microfibre Wash after each use without losing any sucking power.