Using a polishing machine?

You can use a DA (dual action) type machine polisher to use our Paint Cleanse & Restore too. Our best recommendation for this is to use a soft to medium type of foam pad, and use the machine on a medium speed of 2-4 for most dual action machines.

Apply a small amount of procuct to your pad and spread it out with your finger so it's even across the pad surface. Apply the pad and the machine to the car and gently wipe the product that's on the pad back and forth to initially spread it out. Do smaller sections at a time like half a bonnet and wipe the product off after each section. With the pad and machine resting on the surface of the paint you want to start on, turn the speed up to your desired level (I'd recommend starting at speed 2 and increase to speed 4 if needed).

Work the product up and down, then side to side - you should see it start to go clear. Once you've gone up and down and then side to side, wipe the excess product off before moving onto the next section. Add a few drops of product to the pad for the next section and continue around the car using this same method.

For any stubborn to remove product, try a quick spray of Boss Gloss into a Big Softie to remove any residue. Once finished, be sure to use some Flash Prep to remove left over oils, then finish the whole thing off with some Bead Machine for the ultimate protection and gloss.