Step 2: Protection and shine.

So, the car is now all clean and still wet from rinsing off the wash suds, it's time to add some great protection and shine! For this we use our super hydrophobic spray on, rinse off sealant that creates great protection, shine and a super slick feel after you wash. It's a convenient spray on and rinse off application - the way it works on a still wet surface is a total dream. Hence why we have named it; Wet Dreams. Using this makes your car easier to wash, dry and keep clean overall. 

Work on one wet panel area at a time, evenly mist Wet Dreams in a sweeping motion over the entire surface.

Wet and then wring out a Big Softie microfibre cloth, then wipe over in a back and forth methodical action to get an even coverage. (Continue to wring this cloth out between different panels/sections as well).

IMMEDIATELY rinse off thoroughly with a strong jet of water in a methodical side to side motion, from the top to the bottom, being sure to rinse any glass and adjoining panels that might have gotten overspray on them as well.

You will notice the instant protection and "bead porn" effect that's activated by friction from the strong jet of water over the surface. You'll notice the beading will get better over the next 10 to 15 minutes as the product cures on the surface. If you wish for more water beading after the first application, re-apply to the areas that need it for complete satisfaction.