Step 1: The hand wash.

We use a washing system where the whole goal is to try and help minimise wash induced swirls and scratches. 

Start by placing the Great Barrier Thingys into the bottom of your Wash and Rinse buckets - these will help stop heavier dirt and grime getting back into your wash tools. Now fill the Rinse bucket with water to around 3/4 full. This bucket will be used to rinse out your Shagtastic Wash Pad, one of our safe microfibre wash tools. Now fill the Wash Bucket to 3/4 full, then put in 30mL of Nanolicious Wash, using some pressure from the hose, to get some nice suds happening.

The kit comes with a lid - use it as a safe place to keep the Shagtastic Wash Pad on during the wash process. Don't ever leave it or any of the other microfibre cloths on the ground or grass.

It's important to wash out of the direct sun, preferably first thing in the morning or the later afternoon on a car that's cool to the touch. All this is done to prevent premature drying of the wash suds, or rinse water, as the latter might create water spots if it dries too fast.

If the car is a little bit more dirty, use the hose jet to give it a quick pre-rinse and remove as much of the dirt as possible, especially on the lower and rear sections of the car.

Now dip the Shagtastic Wash Pad into the suds of the Wash bucket and start by washing in sections, starting from the cleaner top parts and doing the lower, dirtier bottom and rear parts last. Move the pad in straight lines over the panels, not circular motions, to minimise the chance of creating swirls and scratches if you were to pick up a bit of grime. Then, rinse your wash pad out in the clean Rinse buckets water after each section (one section could be a panel, or half a panel depending on how dirty the car is). 

TIP: When using our Shagtastic Wash Pad, take care around badges and sharp corners, as the shagadelic weave can get caught if you're not careful. Just use lighter pressure around these areas.

Once you're done, empty the buckets and give them a good rinse out. You don't want to be storing any wash water for use later!