Step 3: Drying.

Make smart use of the new found surface tension to help dry the car. Do this by taking the end off your hose and flooding the panels with water, sheeting the majority of the water droplets from the now coated surface.

Dry the car with our Twisted Pro Sucker or Big Green Sucker drying towel, with 4 to 6 sprays of Boss Gloss as the drying aid into each side of the towel. Boss Gloss used this way will not affect the super hydrophobic surface.

It's at this stage where the smoothness of the surface will become apparent, and also how much easier the drying has become. It's very important to use a drying towel for the first time after applying, to ensure a perfect finish - never air dry the car or blow dry the car down after applying Wet Dreams. You can use a small blower to remove water from hard to reach areas though (mirrors, panel gaps, grills etc), just not to touchlessly dry the paint and treated surfaces. 

We don't recommend using Wet Dreams on your windscreen. If any overspray has gotten on it, don't freak out, just clean both windscreen and wipers with Naked Glass and a Big Softie cloth to prevent the chance of the wipers smearing the next time you use them.

We have found that the protective finish and water beading will last for up to two months on daily driven cars - longer on cars that are better pampered or have better condition paint.

After you're done drying, go find a refreshing beverage and enjoy the new shine to your car. You too will share our same goofy, satisfied look when you see the amazing shine you've quickly created.