Windscreen Wash

Wipe Out is an effective and safe to use windscreen wash additive concentrate. After a heap of testing, we found a 20:1 ratio to be ideal for daily use. This means the 1 litre bottle makes up to 23 litres, giving great value. We have also added a measuring ruler on the side of the label, (that our label crew needed to apply in just the right spot) to help get the right dilution ratio. If you're going on a road trip, a stronger 5:1 mixture is better at dealing with the Aussie kamikaze summer bugs. 

When adding to your windscreen washer reservoir, first find out what capacity it has either from the factory manual or online. Pump out the reservoir, and then add another litre of water to rinse clean the reservoir and washer lines. Add half the amount of water, followed by the amount of Wipe Out you need, then fill it up with water so it mixes in well. Another easy option (if you cannot find what size your reservoir holds) is to mix it in a seperate jug or bottle. If you're really fastidious, we suggest you use a demineralised water over tap water, to minimise the chance of potentially hard water leaving marks when it evaporates.