Flat Out Finish

When working with matte finishes, it's very important to not use any products that are designed to add gloss, this includes washes, detailing sprays, polishes or cleansers, waxes and sealants etc. 

You will also need to avoid any kind of extended rubbing or buffing using any kind of product, which rules out the Clay Bar and Claying Rubber, or any other clay mediums as these will wear away the matte surface and leave shiny spots underneath.

In our range of products, we can recommend using Snow Job or Mega Snow Job for a prewash, Auto Body Gel as your bucket wash, Three Way can be used touchlessly for iron decontamination, and Clean Detail as your detailing spray for general wipedowns and can be used as a finishing spray once the detail is complete. We are working on a protective spray sealant and a paste wax for matte/satin finishes that will be available in the coming months.