Applying the paste wax

With the car now totally clean and free from contamination and oils, it's time to seal the paint. 

Beaut Beads is a high end paste wax that is super easy to apply and remove, creates a fantastic glow and if you missed it above, gives remarkable depth and shine to your paint, as well as excellent water beading and self cleaning properties.

Grab your Beaut Beads jar and 2 applicators. Place the larger applicator into the jar with the soft foam side facing down (this will be your application side). Gently twist the applicator side to side a few times, to get some wax on the applicator. Start on the bonnet if it's preferred (we did here on the Sandman), then use the applicator in an up and down direction in a small section, then go over the same section in a side to side motion (the opposite way) to ensure complete coverage of the area with the wax. When you apply the Beaut Beads paste wax, less is often times more - the thinner and more evenly you can apply the product, the better the result you will get, and your overall experience will be a lot nicer (having said that, even if you pile it on thick, this wax is still an absolute dream to remove).

For any more intricate areas like around door handles, wing mirrors, grills, badges etc, there is a smaller foam applicator in the Beaut Beads box that is perfect for these areas.

Avoid getting Beaut Beads on any exterior plastics, as it can leave white marks. If you notice this, use the Flash Prep and a cloth straight away to remove it. If you miss any bits and need to clean it up later, use our Orange Agent all purpose cleaner and a brush like our Plush Brush, then use some Vinyl Revival to help protect the plastics if they're in good condition, or use our Mr Black trim restorer if they're faded and need some more attention.

Go around and apply Beaut Beads to the entire car, then leave it on the car to cure and bond for 20 minutes. After this cure time, gently buff off the remaining residue with a Drop Bear cloth, flipping and turning the cloth often as you go. If you notice the cloth start to fill up with wax, switch to a fresh cloth. We found that the Drop Bear was the nicest cloth from our range to use for the final removal of the Beaut Beads paste wax - it's a 960 GSM, super plush cloth, perfect for this job.

Leave the wax now to cure and harden for at least 4 to 5 hours before getting it wet or applying any other products over the wax. Ideally it should cure and harden for 12 hours (overnight) at least before washing the car again.