Let's start with washing

Get all of the products out that you're going to need for your wash, plus your pressure washer, and get it all set up. For our wash here, we'll need the following:

  • 4 buckets - Wash, Rinse, Wheels and another one for your Microfibre.
  • Hose Slides.
  • Brushes (Little Chubby, Flat Head, Foursome).
  • Snow Job foam + Snow Blow Cannon.
  • Orange Agent/Wheely Clean.
  • Wet Dreams.
  • Wax Wash + Wash Pillow/Shagtastic Wash Pad.
  • Boss Gloss + Big Green Sucker.
  • Naked Glass + Inta-Mitt.
  • Clean Detail + Dirty Deeds.
  • Tyre Sheen + All Sorts applicator.