What next? Further protection and maintenance

The Beaut Beads wax and our Bead Machine spray sealant share some similar super hydrophobic chemistry, and so we find they will bond and work together very nicely. Once the wax has cured, you can add a layer of Bead Machine spray sealant over the top to help further protect the wax and improve its already great longevity, if you wish. But for many classics, this might be a bit of an overkill unless you are going for a long interstate road trip. You can also use Bead Machine as a spray detailer on the Beaut Beads too if you wish, for super quick top ups of shine before a car show or the like. 

If your classic is one that doesn't get driven a lot, you would use Beaut Beads on the paint once or twice a year, the night before a car show or when you notice the water beading start to diminish. Remember to still use the Flash Prep first and then apply the wax. 

With the Beaut Beads wax on the paint, the long term maintenance will become easy, only needing a few steps to keep it looking great:

  • Snow foam (Snow Job or Yellow Snow are pH neutral and suitable - Mega Snow can affect/remove the wax on the paint).
  • 3 bucket wash with your favourite wash (Wax Wash is recommended for older metal cars). NOTE: Wax Wash can temporarily mask the hydrophobic nature of waxes and sealants as it's a hydrophilic formula (think opposite of beading). Once the wax in the Wax Wash has dried and cured on the surface, the super hydrophobic nature of Beaut Beads will return.
  • Dry with The Big Green Sucker and Boss Gloss, or with our dedicated drying aid; After Glow. After Glow will not affect the super hydrophobic nature of the paste wax, or any other sealants.