Flash Prep

Flash Prep is our preparation spray that removes polishing oils, light dirt and grime and flashes off for an extremely nice and clean surface. This surface is perfect and critical for applying Beaut Beads.

Working on a section at a time (1/4 of a bonnet or so, the same as before), spray Flash Prep liberally, directly onto the surface, then immediately wipe it into the surface with a folded Big Softie cloth, using the low pile side. Once it's been wiped in adequately to remove remaining oil residue, use a separate dry and clean Big Softie cloth to remove any remaining trailing residue. Flash Prep will flash off to leave a beautiful finish, and is a very easy and forgiving product to use. Continue around the entire car using this method, but spray less product onto the paint as you go around the car, to avoid saturating your lead application cloth. Change to a fresh secondary cloth if needed.