We've found that our range of interior products are actually a lot safer and more effective than your usual household chemicals, especially on surfaces like Leather which are very similar to what you'd find in a modern car.

Leather - Leather Love for cleaning and conditioning, and then Leather Guard for the stain and abrasion resistance, critical in such a high wear area such as a seat or armrest.

Glass/Windows - Any glass surfaces, mirrors, stove covers, etc can be cleaned with Naked Glass and a Big Softie cloth. Make sure when wiping down perspex windows that you are very gentle, as these can scratch very easily with too much pressure.

General-purpose cleaning - Far Cough is our interior anti-bacterial spray, which can be used safely to wipe down all interior surfaces of the van, including countertops, handles, tables, light switches, cupboards, etc. 

Dirtier areas - Any of the more dirty areas like the floor, dust seals, rubber mats, etc can be cleaned with Orange Agent which is a safe pH-neutral all-purpose cleaner. 

Fabric - To spot clean seats, curtains, headboards, and other fabric surfaces, Fabra Cadabra is an effective and colour-safe option for quickly and easily removing stains or spills. Fabratection can be applied to protect these fabrics and help them resist staining and water.

Check out our in-depth guides on using these products below.